Living in Barcelona

Living in Barcelona is an amazing and unique experience and we want to help you to prepare for your arrival and stay in this beautiful city. Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain and it has around 1.6 million people living in it; the city is located on the Mediterranean seaside. 


Barcelona, like all the Catalan region, has two official languages: Catalan and Spanish. But in the city, you will be able to communicate in English in most of the areas.


It is a global city with great cultural, financial and tourist importance. Also, it has a nice Mediterranean weather that makes living in Barcelona pleasant all year long. Barcelona has a lot of activities, museums, monuments, markets, concerts, festivals, restaurants, etc. that makes the city a great place to live, especially for young people. 


Let's discover how to get the most of Barcelona! Enjoy your stay!

Lifestyle in Barcelona

Barcelona is a Mediterranean city, with a great vibe, good weather, and many hours of sunshine most of the year. This is why the lifestyle of inhabitants of Barcelona is chill and most of the people like to have a social life after working or studying times. It is very typical in Barcelona to meet with friends or colleagues from university or work and go grab beers in one of the many terraces or bars around the city. Most universities have morning classes, although some also have afternoon shifts and most companies start between 8 and 10 in the morning and the working day usually ends between 5 and 7 in the afternoon. Lunch is usually eaten between 2 and 3 in the afternoon and dinner between 9 and 10 at night. In general, living in Barcelona means enjoying the good food ... So the main social gatherings are around a table, for lunch or dinner or just enjoy a vermouth or some wine with snacks before eating lunch or dinner.


Eat and drink in Barcelona

Barcelona has a wide offer of restaurants and bars for all tastes and budgets. For example, one day you can eat a kebab and the next day you can enjoy an incredible seafood platter next to the sea. In addition, it has hundreds of bars with terraces where you can grab beers with friends.


There are restaurants of all kinds of food: Catalan, Indian, American, Thai, Chinese, Greek, Turkish, Italian, etc.


Going out for drinks in Barcelona is one of the most common social activities: there are plenty of bars to drink beers or cocktails with different styles of music such as reggaeton, techno, pop, jazz or rock. If you are a dancing lover, you will love the big offer of discos and clubs that open almost every of the week until the sunset.

The cost of living in Barcelona is around 1,000-1,200€ per month (with room rental included). Below you have detailed information of indicative prices of some products and services in the city:

Cost of living in Barcelona

· Food: 250 - 350€ per month.

· Transportation ticket within the city premises (monthly): 54€ 

· Menu in a cheap restaurant: 7 - 10€

· Go out for a dinner: 20 - 35€ (average price restaurant)

· Theatre entrance: 12 - 25€

· Club/disco entrance: 10 - 20€ 

· Bicing BCN (yearly): 47,16€

· Museum entrance: 10 - 15€ 

Barcelona is divided between different neighborhoods. Below, we will give information about the most famous ones:


- Eixample: where Talitha Student Residence is located. This neighbourhood was created at the end of the 19th Century and it is the main residential area of the city. In this neighbourhood, you can find some of the most detachable monuments and buildings of Art Nouveau in Barcelona like La Pedrera (Casa Milá), the Sagrada Familia or the Casa Batlló.


- Gothic Quartier: it is the oldest area of the city and one of the most touristic neighborhoods. It has medieval buildings, narrow streets full of shops, bars, and restaurants, museums, and monuments. Some of the main spots of Gothic Quartier of Barcelona are the Cathedral of Barcelona, the Plaça Reial or Portaferrisa Street.

- Gràcia: one of the best-known neighbors among the youth of the city. Gràcia used to be a small village and with the growth of Barcelona during the 19-20th centuries it became a neighborhood of Barcelona. It is famous for its modern shops, squares, and streets full of bars where young people can chill and meet their friends.

- Barceloneta: it is located next to the beach of Barcelona. It used to be a fisherman village and nowadays it is a very alive area in the city. A lot of people go to this part of Barcelona to practice some sports like skate, volleyball and after, enjoy a cocktail in one of the terraces and bars around the area. One of the most famous spots for enjoying a cocktail with amazing views is the Eclipse Bar located inside the W Hotel Barcelona.

Neighbourhoods in Barcelona

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