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Talitha Student Residence in Barcelona is located in a privileged area right in the city center which is very well connected by metro, bus, taxis, and bike. The student residence in Barcelona is just a few steps from the main monuments and tourist attractions as well as the main universities in Barcelona. The nearest metro station is 50 meters away, from where you can comfortably move to all the neighborhoods of Barcelona.


The student residence has individual and shared room. There are several bathrooms, toilets, a terrace and common areas. Keep discovering Talitha Residence!




History of Talitha Student Residence in Barcelona


Talitha Student Residence is an ambitious project that Julia Moral began in 1971. With 25 years and a lot of desire, she could not think of a better way to be in touch with young people and expand knowledge as well as share experiences, than to live with them

After moving to Barcelona from a very small village, she started her project of building a student residence in Barcelona with a lot of energy.


As she had a large apartment in Barcelona, in a central location in the city, she adapted it with all the necessary facilities of a student residence for young people and students. Some house rules were set but, at the same time, a chill and nice house environment were created with a lot of companionship among the roommates.

For 40 years this philosophy has been the same for all the people who have lived in Talitha Student Residence in Barcelona and young people from everywhere in the world can tell you that!

I hope I will meet you soon in Barcelona! Greetings and hugs!
Esther Martínez.



The residence


Talitha Student Residence is located in a typical apartment of Eixample Neighbourhood. The apartment is 280m2 big and it has a total of 13 bedrooms. The environment of the student residence is chill, international and familial. 


The exterior and interior well being of the tenants living in the residence are our main goals.



About the exterior well-being of the tenants:

We care about the comfort, the cleanliness, the furniture, and building design for making Talitha Student Residence in Barcelona an amazing place to live.

We provide bed-linen, towels, plancha, hairdryer, shared kitchen, cookware, and tableware. 

There is a cleaning service for the common areas of the apartment.

All the rooms have a single bed, a desk, a chair, a TV antenna, WiFi, and heating system.

The student dormitory has common areas with a lot of natural light for chilling, meeting the other tenants, studying... there is also a nice big terrace.  


About the interior well-being of the tenants:

Talitha Student Residence offers a free group Coaching session held by the director of the residence. Adaptation, coexistence, beliefs, and future concerns are some of the points discussed in order to make the student life in Barcelona and in the residence more easy for all the tenants while they are living together and for the coming future.


Growing while living is our motto!


Photos of Talitha Student Residence



House Rules of Talitha Student Residence

In order to have a great co-living, we have some House Rules that need to be respected by all the tenants living in Talitha Student Residence in Barcelona.



  • The MONTHLY RENT has to be paid in advance between the 1st and the 3rd day of the month.

  • A DEPOSIT of the same amount of the monthly rent is required. It will be refunded upon leaving the residence (a 30-day written notification is required before the last day of the stay).

  • In case of not giving any notification with the agreed deadline, all the rights of the refundable DEPOSIT will be lost.

  • All the DAMAGE to the rooms or to the common areas of the house will be deducted from the DEPOSIT. In case the cost is more than the deposit amount, the tenant has to pay the difference.

  • The CLEANING of the room will be carried by each tenant, as well as the washing of bed-linen and towels.

  • VISITS are only accepted in the hall and you need to notify the director of the residence in advance.

  • The Director of the Residence keeps the exercise of the RIGHT OF ADMISSION of the tenants if the behaviors are not respectful on the rules.

  • It is FORBIDDEN TO SMOKE in the Residence premises (except for in the authorizes area: balconies or terraces).

  • The LOSS OF THE KEYS involves the immediate payment of a new lock and key copy for 13 rooms.

  • In order to AVOID NOISES DURING NIGHTTIME (door slams), it is possible to go out and in only once.

  • ABSOLUTE SILENCE is appreciated after 11 pm.

  • Free WASHING MACHINE use once per week per person.

  • Each tenant has to buy his or her own DETERGENT for the washing machine.

  • It is the responsibility of each student to throw away all the PERSONAL WASTE from their room, as well as plastic/glass bottles/jugs, pizza boxes ... the garbage containers located on the street.

  • The COMMON SPACES should be kept exactly as clean and tidy as they were. All the objects must be placed where they were located.

  • It is appreciated to TURN THE LIGHTS OFF when their use is not needed.

  • All rooms have an ELECTRICAL LIMITER. If the power is exceeded, the room will be without light. You can plug mobile charger, laptops, lamp… Appliances that cannot be used: ventilator, stove, hair dryer…

  •  VERY IMPORTANT: If an incident that disturbs the peace and harmony of the student residence in Barcelona occurs, it would cause the immediate expulsion without the deposit refund.



The Director of Talitha Student Residence thanks in advance for the respect of the rules.


Prices of Talitha Student Residence


Prices of the rooms are starting from 480€, depending on the room size and if it is a shared or individual room.


Ask us for more information about prices and availabilities!

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